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“They have got to be one of the best-run businesses in town. Everything is always spot on. I can't speak highly enough of them, they're brilliant.”

“We have eight restaurants in Cobb & Co Group all over NZ from Waikato to Otago using Chef's Choice. One of the main reasons is AngusPure beef- they are a certified processor. The portions, the price, the quality - that's why we've stuck with them for five years and at this stage I don't plan on leaving them.”

“Their customer service is 10 out of 10.”

“I really enjoyed the way Dean Fitness, the manager of Chef’s Choice, wasn't pushy and he never has been. He's always made sure we get the best. He understands what we're about and goes out of his way to make sure we get what we need. He understands our restaurant.”

“Chef’s Choice always delivers on time. The meat is really nicely packaged up and it’s always the right temperature. The delivery staff put the meat into the chiller where it's supposed to go so we don't have to stop work, unlike other suppliers, and we really appreciate the extra mile. We always get consistency in supply and quality. They've nailed it.”

“We're coming up to 8 years of having used Chef’s Choice, and there have been no problems at all. The AngusPure is something which they constantly have for us and for lamb they get Te Mana and Coastal Spring - the nice products. I've never had a problem with them so why change?”

“The service and the quality of product have been outstanding. Often we order their Coastal Spring lamb and portion-cut beef. Delivery price and service are always good, they're always aiming to please, and they’re very competitive price-wise.”

“We stick with them because of their consistent pricing and we are able to work with them to get the best prices. Chef’s Choice always consider our restaurant’s needs when looking at food costs, they understand our perspective. The product always arrives in perfect condition, they go the extra mile on busy Friday nights- and they're a great bunch of people!”